Specific Methodology in Latin America


Residency on Campus

Intensive education and ministry training of full time students who live on campus. They attend 24 courses, 30 hours each, plus 10-hour discussion groups. After leaving campus, students have one year to fulfill reading requirements (300 pp/credit) and complete term papers for each of the 24 internship courses. They must also complete a 6-credit ministry & preaching internship in a local church. They may complete their education by taking virtual courses.

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Intensive Seminars

Intensive Seminars by Modules for pastors and church leaders. They live on campus for a week, four times a year.


Virtual Theological Education

Students in the virtual program may attend intensive seminars and classes on campus.


Mentorship Programs and Courses at SRL Branches

Mentorship Programs and courses at SRL branches in multiple cities in Latin America and USA.


Annual Reformed Theological Conventions and Conferences

Annual Reformed Theological Conventions and Conferences throughout Latin America and USA. Thousands of pastors attend.

Methodology in the USA

Students can attend six to eight bilingual courses per year through weekend modules in their own cities or in Orlando. Bilingual virtual courses are also available.


Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano

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About Us

Formerly called Gospel Through Colombia – SRL is a Biblical, Historical, and Confessional seminary equipping indigenous servants in their native language to proclaim the doctrines of Grace in Latin America.

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