Teaching Trip to Latin America: Day 9

Journal Entry #6:  SRL Medellin – July 14, 2021
Dr. Del Belcher, SRL Executive Administrator

Day 9

This morning I received the message below from our SRL brother, Pastor Israel Perez who lives in Holguin, Cuba. As we know, Cuba is very much in the news these days. Pastor Perez and his church hosted the SRL course I taught in January 2020. They are very dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus.


Pastor Perez’s message:

Dr Belcher, Saludos desde Cuba querido hermano. Gracias a Dios estamos buen en el Señor. Las situación aca empeora cada dia. Oramos que Dios finalmente nos de liberación.

Pastor Israel Perez



Dr Belcher, Greetings from Cuba dear brother. Thank God we are good in the Lord. The situation there (here) gets worse every day. We pray that God will finally deliver us.

Pastor Israel Perez


The Church in Latin America needs our continued prayers. All of Latin America is dealing with political and civil strife which is making life very difficult and unsettled…situations made much more intense and unstable due to continued struggles to control the pandemic.

The class sessions in Facatativa are going very well…and nearly half of at least 40 people in attendance are women who want to take advantage of the courses themselves as they support and serve in their churches. Lord Jesus, continue to raise up men and women for your Church and the Gospel ministry in Latin America. Monday, on Nancy’s behalf, I addressed the women directly during a break…offering her encouragement that they themselves, be students of the Word of God and active in the ministries God gives them in the Church. They were so blessed by this. When I told them that next time Nancy would be here with me, literally, they cheered! So sweet!

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