Teaching Trip to Latin America: Day 4

Journal Entry #4:  SRL Medellin – July 9, 2021
Dr. Del Belcher, SRL Executive Administrator

Day 4

During my visit to the SRL Medellin campus, it has been a great blessing to see the facility, to meet on-site faculty and staff, and to see firsthand the amazing innovations SRL employs to fulfill the mission of preparing pastors for ministry and bringing Reformation to Latin America.

SRL has a presence as an onsite, physical seminary with headquarters at SRL – Medellin. Here the seminary’s central campus is suited with faculty and staff, dormitory, study and classrooms, offices, dining room, recording studio, exercise room, and an apartment for visiting professors. Students from across Latin American travel to SRL – Medellin to study the Scriptures and prepare for pastoral ministry…Peru, Guadalajara, Mexico, for example!

SRL, then, has a presence at various sites throughout Latin America. These sites represent the vision and mission of SRL and offer the full range of courses and degrees that SRL-Medellin offers. With this, SRL has established an online degree studies platform. As of this writing, there are 380 students enrolled in SRL’s virtual platform. An additional 200 students are expected to begin their SRL seminary studies in January of 2022. SRL has also instituted a Doctor of Ministry degree program. Prospective students are applying at this time.

Thirdly, SRL sponsors lecture series that are lived-streamed via Youtube and Facebook throughout Latin America. These lecture series are presented by world renowned scholars and pastors and at times realize listening and viewing audiences of over 100,000 for each series. Four days ago, SRL’s Communications Director sent out information for SRL’s conference in September, concerning the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We praise God that 5,000 people have already responded to say they will attend this live-streaming event!

With this plurality of presence and ministry throughout Latin American, may God continue to bless Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano in the power of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit!

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