Teaching Trip to Latin America: Day 3

Journal Entry #3:  SRL Medellin – July 6, 2021
Dr. Del Belcher, SRL Executive Administrator

Day 3

One of the things I love to do is sing with my guitar. But even more, what I love is to sing with a group of folks who love the Lord and want to raise their voices in song to the glory of Christ and our great God.

I did not bring my guitar on this trip but Ronal Jimenez, my interpreter, has a guitar and offered it to me to use at the seminary in Medellin. With this, I wanted to sing for a time of worship before class, but I did not want to impose on the students. I brought some songs to offer and the SRL staff found their lyrics in Spanish. I would sing in English and the students would sing in Spanish. It was not that I thought the students did not enjoy times of worship, but this would be new for them as a class during a course session. I just did not know how this would be received.

So, before class today, we sang two songs, Indelible Grace’s version of “The Church’s One Foundation” and “O the Deep, Deep, Love of Jesus”. What a beautiful thing to hear the men sing so joyously and vigorously! So very sweet! We sang, then prayed, and began class.

 After the first hour, it is the students’ custom to take a short break. When the students returned to the class, as I was preparing for the next hour, the guitar was still in the stand. As they came in and saw that I did not have my guitar ready, they said, ”Aren’t we going to sing some more?!” “Can’t we begin this next hour with singing?!” I said that I did not want to presume. Then, with one voice, they cried out, ”Let’s sing!” So we sang ”Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty” and “Your Grace is Enough”. Wow… so wonderful! So sweet! Their voices brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing to worship with these men as we not only prepare for class but as they, together, prepare for pastoral ministry in the Church. …and to be a part of this preparation through SRL’s ministry; I simply cannot believe I get to be here for this great work of the Holy Spirit in Medellin and throughout Latin America!

There are twenty-five students in this class. Most of them are from Colombia. Others are from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Paraguay. All preparing for the ministry. Simply awesome!

As we stand to sing and pray to the honor and glorify of God before His throne, the students are doing what they will be asking their congregations to do… to stand to the honor and glory of God in Christ Jesus, sharing the Gospel of Christ with this generation in Latin America and for the generations to come.

What an honor it is to serve in this way! God has not forgotten His Church in Latin America!

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