Teaching Trip to Latin America: Day 2

Journal Entry #2:  SRL Medellin – July 5, 2021
Dr. Del Belcher, SRL Executive Administrator

Day 2

Alejandro’s mother died when he was three years old. As he has never known his father, Alejandro was raised by his grandmother. Years before, however, as Alejandro’s mother’s parents abandoned her, she was raised by a woman who had adopted her. So Alejandro’s grandmother was not his blood relation… neither was she a Christian. But God was preparing something amazing for Alejandro and his grandmother.

Shortly after his mother’s death, Alejandro’s adoptive grandmother became a Christian. She had begun listening to Christian radio broadcasts and in response to a Gospel message and invitation presented by that station one day, she gave her life to Jesus Christ. She then began reading the Bible, daily, to Alejandro. He said that, because of the ministry of his grandmother, he gave his life to Christ at an early age.

Where are they today? After beginning his seminary studies with SRL ten years ago, after earning the seminary’s certificate and bachelor’s degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, after earning the seminary’s Master of Biblical Studies degree, for the last three years he has served as the pastor of a local church in Medellin and as the seminary’s Director of Academics! He is now enrolled in the seminary’s Doctor of Ministry degree program and a member of the seminary’s board has committed to cover the finances for his doctoral degree studies!

His grandmother is now ninety-two years old… she still listens to Christian radio and when she and her grandson are together, she still reads to him the Scriptures.

Pastor Alejandro now oversees the academic affairs of the seminary that continues to reach thousands of lives for Christ every year. He developed SRL’s online study program that reaches students he will only meet one day in glory but who will be or are now serving churches throughout Latin America through his ministry with SRL; studying the Scriptures his grandmother has always read to him. Oh, our God is a redeeming God!

This is just one story of God’s faithfulness and grace… fruit of the Gospel, fruit of the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the seminary students, faculty, and staff. We know these types of situations, these stories of God’s working in the lives of His people, are told throughout the world each day. But for God’s work in and through SRL, what a blessing it is to be a part of what He has done, is doing, and will continue to do throughout Latin America through SRL.

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