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Dr. Noe Acosta is a signer of the recent proclamation by The Southgate Fellowship (TSF) and invites you to visit their new website at Please click the TSF image or text below to read the Affirmations and Denials in detail on TSF’s website.

[TSF Affirmations & Denials]

The Southgate Fellowship is a fellowship of theologians, missiologists and reflective practitioners, fully committed to the visible church and her Christ-appointed mission. The TSF Council has produced 100 sets of Affirmations and Denials Concerning World Mission that cover a host of contemporary missions, missiological, and theology of religions questions. Each statement included in this document is designed to draw upon the biblical study and experience of the Southgate Fellowship Council and its external advisors, with a view to express precisely the biblical framework for missions and missiological questions, the lenses through which we must discern and determine every question of faithful contextualization.

–Dr. David Garner, Academic Dean and VP of Global Ministries at Westminster Theological Seminary



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Formerly called Gospel Through Colombia – SRL is a Biblical, Historical, and Confessional seminary equipping indigenous servants in their native language to proclaim the doctrines of Grace in Latin America.

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