Newsletter – March 2020

The fire of the reformation is spreading throughout The Spanish New Continent and is turning it upside down! We humbly ask you to invest in God’s Kingdom by donating any amount to SRL as we are in urgent need of $30,000 to continue training pastors. We currently have over 600 students from 11 countries that are in full training. Many graduates have planted churches in their countries. It is exciting to see how God, by His mercy, is using you to fulfill His plan of training pastors and well-mentored reformed ministers of the gospel. May God multiply your MINA. “‘Master, your mina has earned ten minas.’ …‘Well done, good servant; because you were faithful…’” Luke 19:16b-17b


Pastor Sandoval, O.T. Introduction, 2/24/20 in Venezuela

  Dr. Mercado, Practical Theology, 2/24/20 in Medellín

Please pray for many professors who are traveling this month. Dr. Don Kistler will accompany me to Mexico and Guatemala where we will be speaking at the Central America Reformed Convention. Pastor Luis Miguel Contreras, who is the Spanish radio voice of Dr. John MacArthur, will teach with us. From there, I will continue to El Salvador to teach SRL students from that nation and Honduras. Mimi will be presenting lectures for women in Mexico and Guatemala, while Dr. Benítez will travel to Chile to open an SRL venue and teach the first module.

We would like to extend an invitation to attend this convention on The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit. Here is a short video:

Spirit Airlines has direct, round trip flights from Orlando to Medellin for less than $400. Other airlines also fly directly from the USA to Medellin. Hotel Díez, Calle 10 A #34-11, has temporarily reserved rooms for attendees of this SRL Convention at $74.00 US Dollars per night, no taxes. For reservations contact ( There are other great, affordable hotels in Medellín (El Poblado). This is a bilingual convention and guided excursions will be available. For help or reservations please call Ms. Becca Cook, SRL A.A., at 386-275-3560, or write to her at You can also register for the event at

Please meet the main speakers: Dr. Lillback, Westminster Seminary East, President; Dr. Parsons, Senior Pastor of St. Andrew’s Chapel; Dr. Garner, Westminster Seminary, Academic Dean; Pastor Sugel Michelén, Expositor at several theological conferences in USA and Europe, including Ligonier; and Dr. Benítez, SRL President in Latin America. On May 16th, Dr. Garner will give a lecture on his new book, Sons in the Son. On Thursday morning, a bilingual Ladies’ Conference will take place at the Ruth Fields Auditorium at SRL Seminary. It will be presented by Mimi Acosta, Andrea Krazeise, and Brenda Henderson, SRL student. We would love to have you join us!

Sincerely in Christ,
Dr. Noé S. Acosta, SRL Chancellor – President


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