Newsletter – May 2019

SRL Graduates Turning the World Upside Down

Mardo René Ramos a graduated from SRL in Medellín, after returning to his native Guatemala, became highly involved in the Reformation Movement in that country. He invited another SRL graduate, Pastor Alejandro Castiblanco, now SRL Medellín Academic Director, to teach in Guatemala from April 1 to 7, 2019. During the week the attendance was from 450 to 500. On the closing day Pastor Castiblanco gave a conference in a stadium to over 4,000 who clearly heard the basic Reformation Doctrines of Grace. Pastor Castiblanco was also invited to address that nation by Alfa and Omega Radio of Central America. He invited churches to send pastors’ candidates to study in Medellin or at the new branch in Guatemala. On the last day he preached and Colombia. To God Alone Be the Glory!

From Many Countries a New Group of Seminarians Arrive in Medellín

Pictured is a group which is part of the new class of students from different countries who will take 22 courses in SRL Medellín. The total cost of the studies, including room and board, is $4,000.00. Students pay only $500.00. Would you be able to adopt a student by contributing $3,500? Over 80% of graduates become pastors or work in ministries. We are here beholding at God’s soldiers who need theological training to reform Latin America. Your monthly investment is an eternal blessing.


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